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SchoolBox is a learning community portal created for students, parents and teachers. The portal serves as a one-stop learning center which integrates a variety of learning content from reputable local and international content providers.
Its goal is to focus on customers, services and integration for end users and revolutionize education by using best of the breed technology to enhance both teaching and learning experiences of school students.
The target users for the portal is between the age of 9 – 17 years old
Among the objectives of the portal are:
To promote the new and smart way of learning.
To offer a platform for aggregating the materials in an interactive repository.
To develop and manage an education portal, as an Internet-based platform for content repository that acts as a community portal for students, parents, teachers, schools and Ministry of Education.
To provide learning objects, educational games, questions bank, animated series in web TV and additional materials to support and enhance learning.
To develop and deliver a Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) where online learning and tracking can happen.
To create an e-community of participants in the education sector. Through the portal, the students, teachers and parents could be involved in the learning activities with each other. These activities may include knowledge sharing, interactive forum and e-reporting.
To enable the aggregation of information and services provided or contributed by a large pool of independent sources and/or service providers worldwide.
SchoolBox aims to be the preferred learning portal through distinct features that include:
Strong Vertical Focus
One thing that is noticeable is that the trend is now moving towards “being all things to all users”. But by offering to many segments, educational portal developers are struggling to understand where they are really drawing their subscribers from. We seek to differentiate our self from the other educational portals with a strong vertical focus. We plan to focus on a market segment where we can be one of the top two rather than mildly successful in broader offerings. Therefore, we place high focus on our selling points, which are our Question Bank, e-Mentoring, and Learning Objects.
Web 2.0 Characteristics
Call it community-generated content or social networking, Web 2.0 is all about people creating content for themselves and their peers. The current needs in the cyber community is for users to share information across the internet. We have included many features in the portal for this purpose such as forums, bulletin, blogs and e-dedications.
Universal Curriculum
We believed that the learning content in the portal should not be limited by age group or curriculum. Thus, all members are free to access any content they wish to learn.
Flat Rate
Parents only have to pay a single membership fee and all their children can enjoy and benefit the entire learning content as well as the community tools.