K-FORCE is a 3 party collaboration between In-Fusion Solutions Sdn Bhd, Ministry of Defence, Malaysia and Tun Abdul Razak University (UNITAR). An “Academic Collaboration Agreement” was officially signed on 17th September 2002.
The idea to establish a program much similar to E-Army University (GoArmyEd) US, was first inspired by Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak in 2000. The bold idea was soon realized in August 2002 and became the second of its kind in the world after E-Army University and the pioneer in Malaysia.
K-FORCE serves as an education alternative for military personnel across Malaysia to pursue Diploma, Bachelor and Master programs without affecting their duties due to its unique and flexible model where campuses are located within military base. K-Force program is fully funded by Ministry of Defense.
K-FORCE seeks to enhance the academic standards of military personnel and ultimately produce educated military community in Malaysia. The program is also intended towards inculcating lifelong learning culture and developing technology based skills. With the required academic qualification, retired military personnel are able to find alternative career path while becoming a role model to their colleagues and family members.
All academic programs at K-FORCE are adopting the blended learning methodology, combining classroom lectures and e-learning. Courses are conducted on modular basis.
Currently, K-FORCE offers the following programs:
Diploma in Management
Diploma in Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration (MIS)
Bachelor of Information Technology
Master of Management
In 2010, the following programs will be introduced:
Bachelor of Management (Logistic Management)
Bachelor of Management (Project Management)
Bachelor of Management (Human Resource Management)
Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health
To date, K-FORCE has offered e-learning tertiary programmes to more than 1500 military personnel throughout Malaysia. More than 300 students from the Diploma and Bachelor Degree programmes attended their graduation in June 2009.